Counseling Services

Providing male youth with new opportunities for improvement and personal growth.

Our Services

Strengthening Our Sons, Inc. is also a Community Behavioral Health agency. Our services provide a very unique wraparound service, that’s specialized in catering to the needs of adolescence and teen boys. It is community based, culturally relevant, individualized, and family centered. Our wraparound plans are comprehensive and address multiple life domains across home, school, and community, including living environment; basic needs; safety; and social, emotional, educational, and cultural needs.

Focusing on the youth’s strengths and resiliency, our wraparound services provide family & individualized intensive counseling and behavioral management services. We also provide Case Management and Peer Support. The ultimate goal is to stabilize and improve the youth through intensive interactions and active involvement of all resources and supports in the youth’s life (i.e. parent(s), family, teachers, school, mentor, etc).

What is Wraparound?

“Wraparound” is another name for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS). Services are individualized, community-based treatment services for children and adolescents that work one-on-one in the school, home, or other community setting. The focus of the services is to provide treatment in the least restrictive environment, keeping the child within his or her natural setting. The service “wraps” the child by providing the amount of necessary treatment in the environment of the family’s choice.

Our Care

Strengthening Our Sons Behavioral Health includes a staff of highly skilled licensed clinicians and support staff members. They are well-experienced in using a variety of Cognitive-Behavioral techniques and treatment approaches to address adolescence and youth who are experiencing behavioral, social, emotional, and academic difficulties.

We begin with an assessment to determine and clarify the presenting needs of each individual and if there is a need for additional services. The assessment process includes using interviews and questionnaires to gather historical and current relevant information; determining the individual’s strengths, needs, abilities and preferences; formulating an opinion about the concerns; and developing service recommendations to address those concerns.

If indicated, counseling services and peer support follows the assessment process. Our counseling sessions focus on enhancing each boy’s current strengths and developing opportunities for improvement and personal growth.

Our outpatient services offer individual, family and group counseling at home, at school or in the community depending on the needs of the youth and the family.

Let our behavioral health team wrap your son and family in our unique services that can bring about the hope and healing you have been looking for.

Areas where our Behavioral Health team is highly qualified to help male adolescence and youth improve in:

  • Abuse and victims of bullying (physical, sexual and emotional)
  • Anxieties and fears
  • Behavior problems including aggression, anger and impulsiveness
  • Hyperactivity and inattention issues (includes ADHD and ADD)
  • Child and adolescent opposition, defiance and disobedience
  • Feelings of being stressed, overwhelmed or confused
  • Depression /Sadness/Low self-esteem
  • Effects of trauma/PTSD and domestic violence
  • Adjustments to changes in living (relocation, divorce, separation, adoption)
  • Poor academics/Learning disabilities or other school problems

Parent Support

There’s help for you!

Your life is busy. Days are filled with decisions, deadlines, and interruptions. Parenting, family, and work can be overwhelming and create additional tension and stress. Balancing all of these responsibilities and finding time for yourself seems impossible, especially when everything happens at once. Finding a way to cope just becomes another challenge to overcome.

We recognize that many parents/guardians need help to bring balance and perspective back into their lives. Others need ongoing support to cope with everyday living. Our Behavioral Health clinicians and support staff also offer a comprehensive array of services to handle these life challenges.

Let us help you if you are struggling with any of the following:

  • Parenting skills
  • Advocating for your child's education
  • Depression /Sadness/Stress
  • Effects of trauma/PTSD and domestic violence
  • Anger management
  • Adjustments to life changes (relocation, divorce, separation, adoption)
  • Employment/Career change/Education
  • Managing finances

Preventive Therapy: Designed to help teens prevent problems from occurring in the future

Counseling/Adolescent Therapy: Purpose is to fix problems, resolve issues, or repair relationships