Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions. Uncommon strength.

Is your mentorship program free?

Yes. Our mentorship program brings strong, positive male role models to the sons of Central Florida free of charge.

Does your program accept female enrollees?

Unfortunately, given the nature of our mission, we only currently accept male children. However, we can recommend a few excellent programs for girls.

What kind of insurance do you accept for counseling?

We accept Medicaid and WellCare.  For those who are uninsured, we also offer a very affordable pay scale.

How long does a counseling therapy session last?

Therapy sessions typically last 55 minutes but can go longer if needed.

Do you have someone who prescribes medications?

We do not prescribe medications, however we collaborate with professionals in the community who provide that service and can make a referral for you if appropriate.

Will my information be kept confidential?

Strengthening Our Sons Behavioral Health Services strive to provide quality behavioral health services in a warm atmosphere of integrity and confidentiality.  We protect your privacy by adhering to state, federal, HIPAA and professional standards for confidentiality of client information.

Who is appropriate for SOS counseling and therapy services?

For our services to be appropriate, your son must experience problems with at least one of the following:

  • His behaviors

  • His emotions

  • His thoughts

How do I get an appointment for outpatient mental health services?

Assessment, Counseling and Therapy Service appointment requests can be made Monday through Friday by calling 407-504-0345. Appointments can be arranged for daytime or early evening hours, Monday through Friday. Weekend hours may be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

What type of men work with the mentoring program?

The type of men that mentor our male youths are hardworking, dedicated, caring and committed men. Men who want to see our next generation of young males succeed. ***Before any adult male can mentor the youth or participate with the program, they MUST pass a level 1 background check, and go through a 3-hour mentor training.