Tammie Holt

Tammie Holt

CEO/Clinical Director of Intervention Services
Brief info

Tammie Holt created Strengthening Our Sons from her professional and personal life experiences as a mother who worked through the crisis of raising a son as a single mom.

Prior to her role as CEO and Director of Strengthening Our Sons, Inc., Tammie worked in the nonprofit and education field for over 15 years. Tammie served in the non-profit field as a Volunteer Manager, Behavior Specialist and Youth Prevention Coordinator. In the education field, Tammie taught students from middle school in the Miami-Dade County Public school system to adults in college at Valencia College and Southern Technical College in Orlando, Florida.

Over the years of service and her career path, Tammie has assisted in building several successful youth programs from the ground up, guiding them through the stages of development to achieve sustainability. She is also proud of the success of her own grassroots organization, where she’s been able to reach hundreds of people across Florida to get involved with strengthening and saving our minority male youths. Tammie has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology with a minor in Education from Florida A & M University and a Master of Science degree in Mental Health Counseling from Nova Southeastern University. Tammie is also a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor.

Ever active in our community, Tammie is an Ambassador for Informed Families, served as a Board member for Central Florida’s Grant Professionals network, a Board Member and consultant for H.O.M.E House Of Mentoring and Empowerment, and served as an Advisor for two years for Strengthening Our Sisterhood, Inc.

Tammie pours all of who she is into helping single mothers to strengthen their sons. Her main goal through Strengthening Our Sons, Inc. is to provide resources that will help parents to raise respectful, responsible and resilient young men. Her goal is also to change how society evaluates and treat boys.

When not busy engaging with the program or in the community, Tammie enjoys traveling and spending time with her family.

As a speaker, Tammie passionately works to raise public awareness about issues confronting boys. Her presentations are designed to promote healthy and positive ways for parents and caregivers of boys to succeed in their relationships and life.

Some of her presentations include topics such as:

  • Raising Him Alone
    • Addressing the stressors, fear, and negative emotions of a single mother
  • Communicating with Boys
    • Healthy/positive language vs. unhealthy/negative language
  • Bullying and Teen Dating Abuse with Boys
    • Learning about the signs and how to help your son or boys
  • The TALK! How a Single Mom Talks to Her Son About Sex
    • Educating mothers on how to talk to their sons about the changes in their bodies, sex and STDs, and respecting girls/women

Tammie is available to speak to PTA and parent groups, churches, educators as well as community organizations and will tailor her presentation to your needs. To learn more or to book Tammie for a speaking engagement, please contact us.


Strengthening Our Sons was referred to me for my 2 boys 3 years ago.  My 2 boys are currently 12 and 14. Prior to learning about Strengthening Our Sons, we had a lot going on in our lives and it was affecting my boys. My boys were having major behavior problems and failing in school. Once my boys started Strengthening Our Sons, the program worked very closely with both me and my sons.  We were assigned a male counselor that provided family and individual counseling to help us at home, while at the same time the boys received mentoring from the program. Year after year of being involved with Strengthening Our Sons, my sons have improved in all aspects of their lives. Their behavior in school and at homes has greatly improved. Their self-esteem has also improved and they both enjoy school. So much that this school year 2016-2017 both my boys made the honor role at school. My oldest has made the Principal’s honor roll twice this school year. I owe so much to Strengthening Our Sons program for all they have done for me, my boys and my family. I now see a positive and bright future for my boys.


Thank you SOS!


As a single parent, I’m grateful for Strengthening Our Sons program. My son Ahmad started Strengthening Our Sons at the age of 9 and he is currently 15. Upon starting SOS, I was having problems with my son academically and with his behavior. But after starting SOS, my son began to make positive changes. From the mentoring and tutoring my son received, my son began to make a tremendous turn around in school and at home. I’ve also seen my son’s self-esteem increase and my son and I have a wonderful relationship.

Through the years that my son has been a part of Strengthening Our Sons male youth leadership program, I can honestly say that the mentors have a heart for our boys.  The staff is dedicated, understanding and caring. Strengthening Our Sons has a great vision and purpose for our boys and the community.


Strengthening Our Son's has been a great positive influence on my son's life. My son has been a part of the program for over 4 years and since then has made a significant improvement in his choices, as well as his grades.

The program has taught him life skills, etiquette, problem solving and how to be a man. The mentors have guided him on the right path and constantly encouraged him.  My son has had so many life changing opportunities since being in the program. The Junior Flight program, Mechanical Aviation Summer Camp, Junior Firefighters Academy, and college tours are just to name a few examples. Not only have they been great mentors and leaders in my son's life, but now my son is mentoring the younger kids in the program. Tammie and all the mentors are doing an excellent service for our community and the youth. I will forever be grateful to Strengthening Our Son's and all the hard work and dedication. The mentors have instilled pride, restored my son's joy and gave him hope! There has not been one time that they have let me or my son down. The mentors are consistent and truly care about out young men. I am so honored to be associated with this program and the great things they represent. A million thank yous from a grateful proud mom!

Tania M.